Has reaching FIRE been a sacrifice?

Short answer is: NO. It may seem like we've scrimped and saved to live a miserly life of full of sacrifices and delayed gratifications. But we feel the opposite is true. I'm going to break this down into 5 sections: food, transportation, housing, entertainment and travel. All of these areas we spent attention on to... Continue Reading →

Tweaking our investment strategy

Currently we are 100% index funds, with some small cash reserves for expenses and emergencies. We like this strategy very much, because it's truly passive, easy, and low cost. But we are also considering investing in real estate in the near future (in a year or 2). By this I mean buying a cash flowing... Continue Reading →

How much $$ we made last year

We just did our 2018 Canadian taxes, so for any financial voyeurs out there, we have some hard numbers to share about our taxable income! Please note that we are FIRE (financially independent retired early). We quit our corporate jobs about 4 years ago at ages 32 and 33, and have been living off of... Continue Reading →

Germany for the summer

We've booked our euro trip for this summer! We plan to be in Germany for most of the summer, from July to October. And we're bringing our Brompton folding bikes with us as regular checked baggage! We'll be flying into Munich airport, and will bike directly from the airport to our Airbnb. It's about 20... Continue Reading →

Losing our house sit?

We just got word that we *may* be losing our house sit sooner than expected. We've been house sitting for over a year for my best friend, and all thought we would continue this gig for another year at least. But things change. We're not sure yet, our friend is not sure yet, but there's... Continue Reading →

How we fund our TFSAs

TFSA stands for tax-free savings account (or tax-free investment account), which is a type of registered account in Canada that every Canadian resident can contribute to. Every year the CRA publishes the TFSA contribution limit. This amount can be carried over to the following years if not used. The benefit of contributing to a TFSA... Continue Reading →

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