Germany for the summer

We've booked our euro trip for this summer! We plan to be in Germany for most of the summer, from July to October. And we're bringing our Brompton folding bikes with us as regular checked baggage! We'll be flying into Munich airport, and will bike directly from the airport to our Airbnb. It's about 20... Continue Reading →


Losing our house sit?

We just got word that we *may* be losing our house sit sooner than expected. We've been house sitting for over a year for my best friend, and all thought we would continue this gig for another year at least. But things change. We're not sure yet, our friend is not sure yet, but there's... Continue Reading →

Expenses for February 2019

We had another extremely low spend month, even lower than our January 2019 expenses. We seriously did not aim for this, but it just worked out that way and we are thankful. February blasted by so quickly. I don't even remember much of it, except that it was a good and happy month with a... Continue Reading →

How we fund our TFSAs

TFSA stands for tax-free savings account (or tax-free investment account), which is a type of registered account in Canada that every Canadian resident can contribute to. Every year the CRA publishes the TFSA contribution limit. This amount can be carried over to the following years if not used. The benefit of contributing to a TFSA... Continue Reading →

Why we spend so little

Asides from the Mustachian friends I now know, no one else seems to think it's "cool" to spend so little nor would they want this lifestyle for themselves. That's fair, because we don't want a spendy lifestyle either. Last year we spent $12K the entire year, and last month we spent $552! True that a... Continue Reading →

Living in a COLD country

It's wintertime here in Canada, and it's cold!! I've been questioning whether it's worth it for us to stay living here when we don't love winters and don't really need to be here since we've FIRE'd. Winters can cost a lot of money. You need more clothes to keep you warm. Energy costs go waaay... Continue Reading →

Expenses for January 2019

January was a fun month! We're at the final stages of finishing up my parents' house renovations, but also took time to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with friends and family. Early on in the month, we attended a Mustachian meet up, and from there met some fun people we've been hanging out with! As... Continue Reading →

Moving to a low cost of living area

We currently live in one of the most expensive cities in Canada. Having grown up here, I know there are many benefits to living in a high cost of living city. The salaries are higher, there are lots of free cultural events, easy access to amenities, grocery shopping is often cheaper, you don't need a... Continue Reading →

FIRE and privilege

I think a lot about privilege and how it has contributed to my being FIRE'd in my 30's. You see, I did not grow up rich, but if you had told me in my early 20's that I'd be retired by the time I was 33 - I would have believed you. Why is that?... Continue Reading →

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